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High $5 Fridays

A high five is given to signify approval of someone doing a good job and a sign of encouragement for them to continue.  


We ask that you show this simple signal of support in solidarity to our young golfers excelling in the game by donating a minimum of $5. 


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This initiative is the brainchild of several black families and junior golf advocates that shared concerns about not being able to find financial support to help their junior golfers play at an elite level in order to give them a fair shot at playing golf at the professional level. With so few black players competing at the USGA events and on the LPGA and PGA Tours, there is no question that a lack of finances is a barrier. This program will play a small part in helping these promising players cover the cost of their tournament fees, travel, equipment, and instruction costs. Our goal is to get minimally  1,000 of our supporters to give $5 to each of our selected junior golfers. However, every qualified applicant's profile will be shared on our website, and we encourage supporters to give to all children listed on our competitive junior golfer listing.

How Does It Work?

We are helping African American junior golfers achieve their dreams! Every month two junior golfers will be selected to receive financial support from our communities for two weeks each. Each winner will receive funding based on the amount that each donor chooses to give. There is no minimum or maximum that each winner can receive.

How do I apply for my junior golfer?

Families will complete their junior golfer's application (below) with accurate information at any time. Once the information is submitted, it cannot be updated for the remainder of the calendar year. The High Five Friday initiative is in compliance with the USGA Rules for Amateurs  ***Applications with correct grammar and spelling will be considered first. 

How do I support the juniors?

Each junior golfers' guardian will provide a monetary app that they prefer to receive financial gifts (i.e. Cash App, Venmo, etc)
You can send your financial gift to them through those vehicles. Each eligible applicant has a profile that you can view to learn about them and their 2022 financial challenges. 


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