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A listing of junior golf programs designed to bring more African American youth into the game of golf.


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GET STARTED   by introducing a young person to golf! You should first consider getting them into a youth golf program. This will give them a chance to learn with their peers, and usually these programs are low cost and do not require equipment. A good youth program provides golf instruction, equipment, and access to a golf course. You will have to take your child out to practice outside of the program clinics to ensure improvement. It helps if you are learning with them!

LEVEL UP their game! If your junior has outgrown the junior golf program, it's time to "take it up a notch"! First, get private instruction for them to get training that will help them improve where needed. If you have a good pro teaching the junior program, consider asking them for private lessons. Next, it's time to play in junior leagues and tournaments. Some courses have junior leagues that play at least once  week. This is a great way to get your junior playing 9 or 18 holes regularly. Additionally, they should play a few tournaments each season. This will help them to see where they stand among their peers across the city, state, and even country. Be sure to have buy-in from your junior, so they do not get turned off from the game.

COLLEGE BOUND golfers have a few things to consider. . . First thing your junior must be able play 18 holes of golf and secure a GHIN Handicap. This will make them more desirable to coaches and candidates for scholarships. Most collegiate players are able to shoot under 100, but it is best to contact the coaches of the schools you are interested in to find out what scores they are looking for. Tournament play outside of high school team golf competition is a must. This will give your junior exposure to other golfers that they could be matched up against in college.

  • Ace Kids Golf

    Oakland, California

  • A Perfect Swing

    Charlotte, North Carolina

  • All Access Golf

    Brooklyn, New York

  • Black Girls Golf

    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Fore Life Inc.

    Miami, Florida

  • G.O.L.F. 3:16

    Frisco, Texas

  • Golf. My Future. My Game.

    Washington, D.C.

  • Greater Cleveland Junior Golf Scholarship Fund, Inc

    Cleveland, Ohio

  • Grove Park Junior Golf Clinic

    Jackson, Mississippi

  • Help Youths Through Golf

    Compton, California

  • Hollywood Golf Insitute

    Detroit, Michigan

  • I AM a golfer Foundation

    Dallas, Texas

  • Inner City Youth Golfers, Inc

    Riviera Beach, Florida

  • Jackson Park Golf Association

    Chicago, Illinois

  • LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of St. Louis, Metropolitan

    St. Louis, Missouri

  • Midnight Golf Program

    Detroit, Michigan

  • Minnesota Minority Junior Golf Association

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Northern California Minority Junior Golf Scholarship Association, Inc

    Sacramento, California

  • Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association

    Orlando, Florida

  • Par Excellence Youth Development

    Huntsville, Alabama

  • San Diego Junior Golf Association

    San Diego, California

  • Sunshine State Amateur Golfers Association, Inc

    Florida Area

  • Ted Rhodes Foundation, Inc.

    Nashville, Tennessee

  • West PennMinority Junior Golf Association, Inc

    Monroeville, Pennsylvania

  • Women in Golf Foundation

    Atlanta, Georgia


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