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Ace Kids Golf

Location: Oakland, California

Our goal for the 2021 program year is to reach over 850 youth through our year-round junior golf academies, PGA Jr League expansion, girls-only golf clinics, and hosting of our 4 quarterly junior golf tournaments for up to 100 youth called " 2K Foundations presents Ace Kids Golf Jr Championship".

We are also seeking donations of $75,000 to install a state of the art indoor golf simulator which will provide sophisticated instruction to our pre-tournament and tournament ready participants as well as provide a much-needed source of income to support our programs. Thank you to Jack and Kelsey Kennedy for your donation of $3,000 to get the ball rolling.

Ace Kids Golf Mission

Our mission is to create positive and productive citizens in the community through youth development, life skills, and educational opportunities using the game of golf.

To learn more about Ace Kids Golf, go to

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