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Fore Life, Inc.

Location: Miami, Florida

Fore Life, Inc. knows first hand that there are many life coping, decision making and character building skills missing in today’s youth. Some simply have rejected them, while others may have not been taught in a manner in which they can relate. All children deserve as many opportunities as possible to instill core values. Locking them away is not always the answer. The answer is diverting them to an atmosphere where they can:

  • Feel a sense of worth while learning a game which they otherwise would not be exposed or interested.

  • Achieve a reliable basis for making informed, deliberate decisions.

  • Learn respect for democratic values and understand responsible citizenship.

  • Find ways of being useful to others beyond self.

  • Learn four (4) values that will lead to personal and social development.

Fore Life Mission

A not for profit organization that use the game of golf and its character building skills to empower vulnerable youth to help them survive and succeed.

To learn more about Fore Life, go to

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