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Jamie Taylor, LPGA Professional

Located: Orlando, Florida


- Founder and creator of the Black Golf Directory

- Managed two golf courses for over 7 years in her 20's

- Inducted in the Laurel School Sports Hall of Fame for starting their first high school golf team

- Won the first tournament she played in at the age of 9

How can you support?

Every week, we will be highlighting a person, program, business, or event to educate everyone of our African American Golf Community. Since I am the creator, I am asking your support in sharing this information and liking all our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter to help spread the word! This will help bring awareness to our community.

To learn more about Jamie visit or follow @jamiegolf on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn

#blackgolfdirectory #golf #lpga #gcjgsf

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