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United Golfers Association

"Our mission is to continue the legacy started in 1925 by providing a developmental academy for aspiring professional golfers & golf professionals and along with supporting local/regional programs resources to increase player participation for African American Golfers"

Founded in 1925, The United Golfers Association (UGA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the introduction, development, and advancement of African American youth to the sport of golf. The UGA Developmental Golf Academy will provide players with the resources and direction to cultivate their passion for the sport as competitors and professionals in the industry. The Academy is designed to prepare golfers mentally and physically to compete as future tour players and professionals around the world. After four decades of dormancy, the mission of UGA is to now revive that legacy by providing a developmental academy for aspiring golfers and professionals and to supporting local/regional programs to expand access for African American players. To learn more: visit Looking for other black business, go to: #blackgolfdirectory #golf #blackownedbusiness #featurefridays

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